World War 3 : Spark has lit


August 26' 2016

While some people were celebrating love on Valentines Day, the world has moved further away from peace. Things are not looking good as we are on the cusp of a World War III. The World experienced World War I & World War II in first half of 20th Century. Now the chances of WW III is at peak, as all strong forces are sparkling the war in one or other way. We hence forth bring you the plot of various forces across the Globe. As we all know the Five Fierce Forces in world beside India are United State Of America, Russia, China, North Korea and NATO Allies. The Following are some Plots that had led a fear of WW III

1. North Korea's flicker to war.

Recently few weeks before North Korea had successfully tested their Hydrogen Fission Atomic Bomb to exhibit their power in race. To which leaders across the globe had condemn the move of North Korea. America and Russia have upkeep their Nuclear War heads on the go. China being a neighbour, is afraid of such a provoked step of North Korea.

Korean Leader

Recently in North Korea, a US student was arrested. He was caught "committing a hostile act against the state", and his actions were "tolerated and manipulated by the US government".

2. Race to Win against ISIS

ISIL or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the deadliest Terrorist group active in mid Asia since 2013. To which many Allied Forces are bombing and fighting to consummate the ISIL. United State of America was one of Nations to show its real Power in field of War against ISIL. At the end of 2015, Russia also peeked into the Land of Iraq and Syria, deploying 4000 troops, 9 Naval Ships with 20-25 Aircrafts.


The Race begins since September of 2015, where US and Russia are in quest to defeat ISIL first. NATO Allies are in race with Arab Allies to win the same Race.

3. Russia VS Turkey

Few months back, Turkey's air defence had shot down a Russian Fighter Plane, claiming that the Russian have Violated the 'NATO Airspace' and break into their Airspace without permission. To which Russian Diplomats declare "There’s No Such Thing as ‘NATO Airspace." Creating a hot rod between Turkey and Russia.

Russia vs Turkey

Being a NATO Member, Turkey is seeking help from NATO Nations to hold wall against Vladimir Putin's Russia.

4. America Deploying Warheads and Naval Force in South China Sea

America's military is getting deadly serious about China, Russia, and North Korea

USA Army

Being a threat from North Korea, China has upgraded their defence against North Korea. Where in after America to be deploying its Warheads and Naval Forces in South China Sea, China is on verge to train their soldier for future war. The China has criticize the move of US of Deploying Navy.

5. Soviet Union's Return in Eastern Europe

Sovient Era

Being a NATO alliance in Eastern Europe, Russia is forcibly deploying its troops to Baltics. War games show NATO’s eastern flank is vulnerable. To deter Moscow, the United States will need to deploy heavy armour on a large scale, a new study says. Russian tanks and troops rolled into the Baltics tomorrow, outgunned and outnumbered NATO forces would be overrun in under three days.

6. Saudi Arab to Carry Military Exercise with 20 Arab Nations to fight against ISIL

UAE Army

One of the Richest Nation, or simply the OIL Producing Nations are planning to enter into the play with ISIL. "North Thunder", the name the gave to the drill to be happen soon. The exercise will hold 3,50,000 Soldiers of 20 Nation. NATO and Russian forces are envious of the Move of Saudi Arab.

7. UN : just a myth

UN Security Meeting

UN or United Nation, formed to maintain peace and friendly nature across all Nations is now just a myth. Every Nation has jumped in the race to prove their State Of Art at any cost. 15,700 Nuclear Warhead are estimated to be developed on Earth by All Nation. If any of above Plot lit the fire, then there's hardly any War Head left in bunkers.

8. Russia Warns of WW III

Russian have warned of WW III to NATO and Arab Nations. In fact, Russia has sent a warship with nuclear missile-heads to the region. Also, Russia having already warned its citizens to leave Turkey.

Russian Army

The Russian President said “strong actions against Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) are justified and crucial due to the fact that Saudi-backed ISIS poses a major international security threat. At the same time, the international community should be under no illusion about the detrimental and suspicious U.S.-Saudi alliance.”

And Then there's Pakistan The World is on verge to Global War, Pakistan still trying to enter Kashmir. What place Pakistan will have in War is imagine-less.

Leaders across Globe have proportionate, that the world will see Next biggest War in coming months, if none of the Forces backtrack themselves.We hope the spark will not lit the fire among Various Nation.