Me and Myself : Journey through Cantonments

  Avinash P

July 18' 2017

Centuries passed by, we kept on following traditions that our ancestors had once practiced. However, we forgot the roots of the traditions and we ignored the reasons of those traditions and now these are mere DOGMA for the society. There are so many aspects of every celebration unfortunately, we accept and follow only those which were recited repeatedly over the years and centuries to count. We are yet only reciting those rituals and it has become a monotony every year to celebrate the Ravana Dahan. Have we ever tried to think above this notion that Ravana was killed because he was unjust when he abducted Sita and also because he saw himself equivalent to God? We do repeat these words every year that dusshera is the day of "victory of good over the evil" however, celebrations are of no use because the evil is still alive. Its breathing and prospering more than Ravana.

Raavan Burn

Then was only one Ravana so Rama could defeat him and saved the world but now we cannot even count the number Ravanas who have taken birth in the society. Will one Rama be sufficient? Or shall I ask is there any Rama even existing? When I talk of Ravana and Rama, they are indicative not only of the persons but the characters and the deeds which come into existence because of our thoughts. Would we ever try to fight with the real Ravana instead of the puppets and the crackers we burn thinking that putting those puppets to fire we have purified ourselves and the society? Merely believing in the traditions is not important. Religion has been separated from the constitutions and practicalities of life blaming that mixing religion with other aspects of the society and country has caused riots, which is correct. However, the greatest negligence of the so called highest minds on the earth is that we never realized what the religion had to preach? Religion taught us humanity and not only following it by symbols. We fight over symbols and missed on the message of nature "Humanity". Humanity is the only religion that professed by the various preachers who were born and went away when they thought that people have understood the Religion. However, over the years, the term religion was molded, recreated and used by many for the accomplishment of their own selfish and destructive motives. And since then, we've only been burning Ravana's puppet and lighting diyas without any light in our life.

India Pak Loc

Now, just imagine of those families who lost their dear ones at the borders of the country. Does Dusshera or Diwali stand any meaning to them to celebrate? Their state of minds are unimaginable.The loss they went is a sacrifice which we cannot repay and by merely burning the puppets we are adding to their sorrows because when they see an unreal Ravana burning they go just hopeless and atheist as they never saw the Good winning over the Bad.Had we ever realized of the sacrifices our soldiers have made over the years, we wouldn't have been in this state of another war with the hostile countries surrounding us. We could have helped so many more families to celebrate Dusshera and Diwali for past so many years, if this message of Humanity that came from the Religions would have trickled well into the roots. Every thing is interlinked and is the reason for the vicious circle in which the societies and nations get trapped and finally end up in a war. Had we checked our thoughts and wishes, we won't have polluted the society and then the country with those inhuman and unjust acts. A big Ravana with infinite heads and bodies was cultured by the small and big acts of inhumanity. The hierarchy has been somewhat like this : self-centered thoughts gave birth to ego that propelled dominance that caused suffering for others that gave birth to revenge and which finally lead to corruption, not inside a single person but involved many and became an epidemic in the society which finally lead to some getting suppressed and the wrong flourished This finally lead to war between not only two notions but many notions and then Nations.

Moral of the story: we need to check our own thoughts and message spread through our actions. Because its better to destroy the diseased seed than burning the whole unhealthy field. The day we will win over the wrong inside us, we will be able to save the society and our country like Rama did and that day will be the real day of celebration of the victory of the Good over the Evil and then will the festivals really mean what they actually had begin with.

I wish all my fellow humans a life full of humanity and prosperity.