V-Day : A Unlit Day for Indian Society

  Raminder Kaur

February 14' 2016

The Valentine's Day or The V-Day is celebrated on February 14th every year in most parts of the world, so is celebrated in India with great passion. The mid of February brings up a weather of love when even the busiest and the strictest of the offices take a break from their so professional schedule to thank the driving force of life-Love. St. Valentine, the legend behind this Roman and Christian festival, is commemorated worldwide irrespective of the cultures. We, Indians too opened our hearts for a festive occasion that is no alien to us. But what is the reason behind so many serious discussions for this day's celebration in India unlike the western countries? Is it because it is a part of western culture, therefore, just like the things belonging to foreign cultures including food, language, lifestyle, this celebration is hard for the rationals of Indian society to accept? Or is it because of the misleading ways of celebration especially among the youth? Or both may be connected and hence, creating a fuss!


My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite.- William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Love is that blessing which is supposed to be shared and was bestowed upon humanity to transform survival into life. We Indians are considered as the most compassionate race on earth. We have always welcomed every idea form over the seas, but certainly there are a few which couldn't be adhered well. A major portion of our Nation's youth is highly influenced by the western culture and there is nothing wrong in this until we are able to balance it with our values to be preserved for our generations ahead. Say it fortunately or the other way, due to the social media, the culture of celebration of Valentine's reached faster to the younger generation rather than to the experienced lot. The generation gap being the hot issue in every other family in India, further made the conversations uneasy on such sensitive topics like "love", between the parents and the children. But one notion that has always been inherited to every generation here is that "Love is what is behind the doors". And this got sowed because we never saw our parents, neither our parents saw their parents, expressing the love for each other openly. Sadly, this expression of love was thrown into the pool of vulgarity and hence, became a taboo in India. The incomplete knowledge delivered to the youth about the evolving emotions has led to this scenario that "girls are getting pregnant ". This is too hard to hear, but it is true and the last year statistics show that because of the craze of the V-Day, 1362 unmarried girls were reported to be pregnant.

In India, following the western culture is seen as the sign of lack of patriotism. So, combining the hazardous results of the immaturity of the youth and their irresponsible behavior for their country, the Valentine's day is under review to be replaced with a celebration of "Parent's 'worshiping Day ". Now, this may sound really uncool to the younger generation but at the same time our parents would vehemently demand for this is to be implemented.

Just imagine, when for the first time Valentine's day came to your knowledge, may be in school through friends or through internet, you would have talked to your parents about the real meaning of the day or had the parents been so aware to guide their children at the appropriate age regarding the emotional evolution, Indians too could have been celebrating Valentine's Week with the same passion.

Valentine's Day means the day of celebration of love and we could even celebrate in our families without changing the day's name and hence, keeping alive the spirit. Romantic love is not harmful my dear fellas, it just need to be felt and expressed without losing the senses. Love is that power in absence of which the negative emotions overruled and led to wars and presence of which united and revived humanity too. So, its our take, how do we spread the message of Love and revolutionize this day!