All You Need To Know About Siachen Battle-ground

  Kiran Kadam

November 06' 2016


ndia being a country of 127 Crore people residing across 3,287,590 km2 piece of land. But there's a small ratio of people who know about the '700 km2 wretchedness'. In Himalaya Mountains, east of Karakoram Range lies the World's Highest Battleground : Siachen. With a time span from 1984, India has a control of the Glaciers.

Jammu Kashmir

Where Is Siachen ?

Siachen is glacier spanning an area of 700 sq km, to the east of Karakoram Mountain Range in Himalaya. At an altitude of 6,530 m with hauling temperature from 0 °C to −50 °C all 24x7 & 365 days a year. The average winter snowfall is more than 1000 cm. Siachen is the world's second-longest non-polar area. Even some times the glaciated portion of Karakoram is called as 'Third Pole'.

Why India Need Siachen ?

The answer simply lies in the geographical boundaries of three nation India, China, Pakistan. Siachen is surrounded by POK (Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir) , Aksai Chin ( Controlled by China) & Jammu Kashmir (admin by India ). Siachen is key position for Pakistan to share boundary with China (Aksai Chin) which can later be used to de-moralized India. So to stop the flow of such dreams, Indian Army gained the control over Siachen in 1984, and since then Siachen conflict is on verge.

What Life a Soldier have in Siachen Glaciers ?

Cricket 'The land is so barren and the passes are so high that only the best of friends and fiercest of enemies come by' that's local saying. Well its not a life to dream. The office chair, with hands on Coffee cup, a city-out drive, your night-hangout in pub, the freshness of beach and a evening hangout with family bla bla ..... you won't find such time there. You breath snow, you hold snow, you hangout with glaciers, you go for night-out with 1B1-INSAS, your colleague is your family and moreover you spend 15 hrs watching just white in a day.

• Climbers wait for better weathers, but Indian Soldiers look out for trespassers.
• Forget about your cough or cold, you are always at a risk of deadly frostbite. A bare skin to metallic part of gun and you will hurry for medic.
• Your Body can assimilate upto 5000 m, beyond that its better to have a medic than a guide.
• Our soldiers can entertain themselves with some sports. More precisely the fruits aren't so fresh here. They freeze to become your next cricket ball.
• Indian Army Pilots commission at Siachen, are quicker than a crane master in dropping supplies at forward post.
• A total of 800+ Soldiers have sacrificed their lives in Siachen more likely because of extreme weather.


• A Snowfall in Siachen can last for 15 long days continuous.
• Only 60% of Soldiers pass the Mountaineer School to hold Rifle in Siachen Glacier.
• A soldier is decommission from glaciers after a turnover of 6 months to avoid any disorder. Seeing only white color everywhere can defect your brain.
• It takes a month for a soldier to adapt normal temperature after decommission from Glaciers.

So if you find some one complaining about life for silly stuffs, recall them of Indian Army Soldiers guarding at Siachen, who sacrifice their present for our future. #JaiHind