School to Self Respect and Engineering to Ego

  Nitish Chandgadkar

October 22' 2016


f people ask me what have you Learned from School without going for next breathe I will say --the self respect--The moment I entered college, I met brilliants, toppers, geeks, till now everyone can take care of their own, people here settle down things over sms/messages, are smart, can take their own decisions, have lots of money, have own conveyance, which makes school life a better place to live rather than college. The days can’t be regained and also can’t be compared with.

Anyway as this just a thanksgiving blog, let’s flush it, the moments, the people, the place, the pals, the relations, the faces, the time.


I am also very much sorry for hurting people willingly/unwillingly, in/outside of school /college, anytime. I feel its somewhere my self-respect and ego is/are responsible for my living foundation because i have always treated them as one. Yes for me Self Respect and Ego, it’s a one thing. they live together, they decide my yes and no`s, friends and everything which is emotionally connected. hufff!!! Dump!! one thing I always wanted to make sure that before i die i just want to sleep hard by fulfilling my dreams not with incomplete conver's, hates ( even i love the people who hates me and i feel proud sometimes coz if you haven't earned haters you haven't earned anything ), incomplete meets or whatever...... anyways.

Thank you all the APS Faculty, APS Juniors, APS Seniors, Classmates, Bench-mates, Corridor-mates, Fun-mates, Tibrimates, Squash-mates, TOImates, Rooplalmates, Punites, Nagpurians for being with me in my ups-downs.