The Lost Secularism


January 08' 2016

Recently I read a non-secular message on a social media group of Military Brats. The message left me discomposed and I was wondering "Why is there so much intolerance among the people especially for religions ?". Although these sects were created by humans only so that one can follow the beliefs he or she is comfortable with, but unfortunately, there is a huge agitation that has led to the emergence of wide-spread violence. People seem to be unsatisfied. The root cause for the distress is the greed for dominance and power.
Lady Crying

The hunger for dominating is significantly visible among the politicians who derive the ferociousness for other religions just for their selfish motives. The ideology behind electing a political party was to run a country democratically because otherwise the country would appear as dust with its countrymen in a Brownian movement . But then these elected bodies have got no right to polarize the thoughts and create tension among the people who brought them to power. In the run for making money they become insensitive to the sentiments of people.

School Girl

Yes, we do need to agree to common notions for the smooth functioning of the nation which are also mentioned in our constitution but we neglected that these notions were supposed to be independent of religious definitions and defined a Secular people. Until this uncontrolled craving for power and money won't end, such riots, scenes of intolerance, terrorism won't come to an end.

The day every human will realize the importance of the life of his fellow being, the day earth would settle in peace. Or else we and our coming generations shall go on encountering monopolized governments and an intolerant society.