The Essence of 8th March

  Raminder Kaur

March 08' 2016

It's Women's day! Let's celebrate it for all those women who intentionally or even unintentionally helped you discover this great person out of you.
Innocent Girl

Here in our Incredible India, every other day has a reason to celebrate and so does 8th March has given us the opportunity to be celebrate the womanhood. While in all this hustle - bustle of reservation protests, a group of citizens who already had the reservations in every sector, seem to be still weaker than any other section. Yes, we are talking of Women. Weak here in the terms of respect and security, the moral status that every human being has the equal right to. Giving or stating reservations for women has not solved the purpose of getting the orthodox notions about and for women out of all the heads. We came all the way fighting for freedom,then for equal rights for all communities,and even the genders. Yet, we fail when it comes to security of our women. Security here doesn't only imply the legal term, but the one which every person brings along from the birth and that should be respected by the fellow beings. There are numerous examples to show the Women empowerment and at the same time there are way more examples of women abuse everyday. Sexual harassment, eve-teasing, acid attacks, are a few to name. The domestic wrath that many women undergo is unimaginable. Even though Hindustan is known as the land of Gods and Goddesses, the respect for them seems floating only in the incense of temples. The embodied goddesses are continuously living under the threat to their holiness.

Female Soldier

The process begins when a small child sees his mother as a home maker who is dependent upon her husband. Then he sees his sister being stopped from going out to every place he himself is going, She is taught that she isn't safe alone outside, she should dress to veil well, she is supposed to learn house chores as a priority, and in the most horrifying tone : she should remember she's a girl so if anything wrong happens to her it'll bring a bad name to family. Then, he grows up with such an upbringing which projects feebly the concept of being a woman. So, he inflicts the same further on his wife and daughter and sometimes he tries to test this weakened stature of women and he is successful in that. Hence, the crammed chapters of right to equality for all irrespective of caste, religion or gender always stay there in the textbooks unused. The left job is done by the cinematic presentation of woman as a piece of personal and public entertainment. This all together ruins the ideologies of a man for a woman and thus crime against women comes into existence.

Child Girl

These days there is alot of awareness among women for their rights, but it wouldn't help her because even men need to accept them and respect as a fellow human in the first place, rather than as somebody who needs to learn self-defense. Learning self-defense is one-thing and the need to use is another. Most of them fail to apply these learnt tricks in a situation of attack. Then, what we are left with are half-dead bodies and fully-dead spirits. The procedure to get justice makes it more difficult to levitate the strength of the victims. To help such torn souls there are numerous active NGOs. One of them being the Red Brigade in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. This group is working day and night to "resort women's dignity, protection and power" by "using ridicule rather than violence". What if every house in our country is equipped with such spirits?

The task isn't that difficult. We just have to aware the need of respect for every life we come across, that is what humanity teaches. We shall go on celebrating days like this International Women's Day until every single human wouldn't realize the worth of this priceless gift to humanity - Woman. Let's keep it simple, the intentions of celebrating Women's day is to end the discrimination.

Happy Women's Day!