Civilian On Brats


September 11' 2016

Being a Part of Armed Forces, we kids when fall out of our Cantonment we are hatred with the term, "You are just a child of Army Personnel. You aren't doing anything for country." Well the civilians may be right, put they aren't fully. Let's say a military brat stays with his Paternal family and his Dad is posted in some remote area kicking asses of intruders, that child may not ask for his Dad's time, cause he know for his Dad nation is a prior thing. The child is ready to sacrifice his moments just for Dad's passion.

Let's accept that we don't do anything for Nation and we are just a usual kid like civilians. But still we are far better than them in terms of maturity, dedication and patriotism. We are grown with the sound of artillery, gun fires and the usual bugle alarm. We can enjoy a great night time party or "Badda-Khana" in MT Garage or making our Dad feel proud in his Company. Or may be simply we are used to travel in a bus which use to leak in rainy months. We have seen toughness much earlier than a usual civilian kids do. Every time when we hear we got to be moving to other station, it's like the "baddo wali bhavnaye" in us regarding our friends whom we gonna really miss in future. We know 85 percent brats find themselves in a situation where they can't find their childhood friends. But are sure of his name and his village.

Even if we aren't doing anything for Nation, but we are the only inspiring people to our Dad, to his smile. And someone quoted right "More than a will, a inspiration matters a lot". We aren't making fun of civilian kids, but we want them to understand and to stay within there fancy world. Cause the world they may be living, isn't the only and same we do. We aren't brandishing our ego or our life, it's just a proud feeling and a dedicated love to our Dad and Nation. Even some kids belonging out of Cantonment appreciated our life. We do appreciate yours too.