Cantonment Voyagers

  Raminder Kaur

June 16' 2016


he marching life made me leave many roads and cities behind. Each time I left a cantonment, the austere goodbyes made me realize my love for the long cemented roads, the trees on the roadside, the park where I spent my evenings with the buddies who gave me the undying memories for an interim stay." This is what is very familiar to every military brat who had been on a move with his family, but what happened to that friend you left behind, the one who stayed in the same school for twelve odd years? I believe the stories are almost similar. Similar in terms of learning to say goodbye with cloudy eyes and a grin full of gratitude and hope to meet again.

Anyway as this just a thanksgiving blog, let’s flush it, the moments, the people, the place, the pals, the relations, the faces, the time.


Fortunately, years later they meet again in the college. They believe they've found their childhood, the incomplete friendship. They'd talk of their schooldays, the teachers, the friends and the places in the city.They discussed how badly they missed each other and at the same time the unsaid grudges too and laughed at them.They apologized for not being a good friend at that time and promised to be by each other's side in every thick and thin.Their friendship now was forever. They made people envy of their bond.There were days when they had severe differences yet fathomed.

Life brought them to the same time when they had to move ahead but on different roads.This time the goodbye was even more difficult but the difference was that now they'll be best friends forever.