Memories of lost Cantonment Grounds


August 10' 2017

The Bicycle bells hauls around 4’30 PM outside your Quarter and a screaming sound of your friends fallz onto your ears “Aaja Bey Ghelne ke liye”. Then the battle of eyes between you and your Mom happens where you win the battle mostly. ‘MOSTLY' I mean if there is no work given by your Mom like the famous “Beta Doodh leke aa phir ja khelne”. Then you come out from your home holding the ‘Dallu' or container and with a shivering tone you turn to your friends and say “Bhaiyo you start the game, i'll be there shortly”.

So after everything is sorted, you jump into one of the unexplainable grounds on earth. They are Cantonments Playground. You can see a group of aunty sitting and talking, then group of small guys playing around them and then one of them yell ‘Mummy ye mere pe Mitti phek raha hei'. You move to the other section that’s the Ladies Corner , mind it these girls are like if you dare to interfere near them, they be like this is our place please play there. And finally you see group of boys playing soccer/cricket. Well the one thing is mostly common that is division of teams. Kendriya Vidhalay one side and APS other Nd jarurat padi to, beech ka banda.. playing for both teams. Trust me guys the layout and field set up use to be one heck of thing. “Bhai tu udhar aunty ke yaha lag” and “tu idhar jhule ke pass lag”. The boundaries were marked by stone and if that was not enough then the group of other people within the park. You throw the ball and the next moment it lands upto the “Bhaiya ka section” .. The seniors .. you approach “bhaiya ball dedo“ and then the ‘keede' of Bhaiya log of doing time pass with the balls and then handing over. Trust me the guy fielding that side use to have one guts ..”bhai batsman out ho ya na ho.. but ye ball ko boundary cross nahi hone dunga“.

pittu When the ‘Bat' wala banda is not there and there is no other alternative like wooden beam or branch like you use couple of days back then you move to ‘Maram Pitti' or ‘Pittu’. The first loud voice would like be ‘Sale Dheere Maar, jor ki lagti'. But the pleasure of holding the ball and getting a chance to hit the same player who made you scream is totally best. Well there are always some Avengers among us while playing this game. There will always be one guy who has power of throwing ball very fast and off course everyone is scare of. The other would be like Olympic ka khiladi .. this guy will always nail when he throws the ball right like a bulls eye. And then the best of all who gets easily hit due to the Size of the Body. You got it right.

Moving on if you've been in soccer then the bare foot is mostly prefer. You know why ? Because shoes were been captive to make your goal post. Well these memories are unforgettable. After some sudden moment you see your mom walking to that Aunty's group then sab “Shishtachar” apne aap aate ground pe. And after the Sun is all set, your mom calls you. Then you be like ‘Bade wali feeling' and tell mom ‘aata thodi der mei' .. And when you get back to your home after a precious walk with friends, you see bike standing then it would be like “Dad Aagaye lagta..Fresh hoke padne bhaitata" and then Dad's non stop shoots regarding whole day's routine. Trust me Mom use to save the deal there.

The next day it all happens all over again but let me remind you the immense day in a week that's Sunday is still there.. Sunday .. Mom wakes you up at 7 AM and says ‘Tu khelne jane wala tha na' and you be like ‘WTF I'm running late', you get your ass out of bed holds the cycle and run to ground and the weirdest thing of all once landed to ground, after so much struggle that you even didn't had brush properly but what you see is empty ground .. you then look around and say ‘Aaj bhi late ho gaye Sale'. So its all setup when everyone arrive and play till 11 AM and get back to home and get fresh. And again back in evening for the same.

Well these memories will always be there deep in heart. We guys were lucky we were having grounds to play physical game instead of spending hours on Mobile or Xbox. And the time when you visit CSD after so many years and pass by any ground and see the playing crowd, it do touch your heart that you were once like those kids back in late 90’s .