Advanced Agni - 6 Missile Likely to be Service in 2018


July 25' 2016

The next generation of Agni Missile is likely to be in service to Nation in 2018. The Agni - VI which is a ICBM ( Intercontinental Ballistic Missile ) which is being developed by Defence R&D Organisation ( DRDO ) for the use of Indian Armed Forces. Being manufactured by Bharat Dynamics Limited the Agni - VI will be fully home-made like other missile in its family.

The missile will be four stage ICBM, with characteristic of carrying multiple warheads. With a weight of 55,000 - 70,000 Kg, it can carry 3 tonnes of warhead. The missile will be having capacity to carry Multiple Independently Target-able Re-entry Warheads as well as Maneuverable Re-entry Vehicle (MaRV).

Agni Missile

With these Maneuverable Warheads theAgni-VI will boost missile to travel more distance. The estimated operational range of Missile as leak from sources is said to be 8000 km -12000 km, though DRDO refuses to confirm the range but the previous generation missile (Agni V) has a operational range of 8000 km. The Agni-VI will bring India upfront in the list of top Nation holding long range Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.

Agni Missile Range
Range Comparison of AGNI Missile Family

The SLBM version of missile will arm the Arihant class Submarines of Indian Navy. The guidance system for Agni-VI will include Inertial Navigation System with Ring Laser Gyroscope. The missile is been develop for easy way of launching as it can be launch through a 8 x 8 Tatra TELand Rail Mobile Launcher ( Land based Version ) and Arihant Class Submarines ( Sea Based Version ) .