Indian Military Brat is an Independent Community run by old folks. The motive behind the creation was to bring every Kid, every adult and who so ever directly or Indirectly connected to Indian Armed Forces. Indian Military Brat is a approach to a society where Cantonment meet the outside world and civilians are known to our State of Art. This organisation bring a way to connect Armed Force Kids to the outside world digitally.

Studying in Army Public Schools, Air Force Schools or Navy Children Schools these kids are only known to the life within the hemisphere of Armed Forces. Hence we here at Indian Military Brat brings a way for the outside world to peek and experiece the life we spend within the premesis of Armed Forces. Another motive behind bringing this community is to bring all Ex-Brats (Simply Kids of Armed Forces) together and cherish their old memories of Cantonment life, the Barber Shops, Shaktimaan and so many. The World has moved towards technology and somewhere we have lost our memories deep bottom of our heart which needs to bring alive so that those moments can be lived again. Every Kid is special in his or her own way, we here at Indian Military Brat try to bring all such talent on the stage. We've decided to work in a synchronise manner with the society to bring Cons and Pros of the social life as well as the moral etiquettes. We offer articles on various topics as well as update the news that is dwelling across the globe.

Indian Military Brat is a approach to let the Soldiers as well as their family to stay connected to the world digitally. We offer information about the State Of Art we have so that the curious young minds can learn the pace at which India is developing in the world. Further we strictly adhere any sensitive information that will cause any future concern to our Nation and its people. We request all our authors to avoid such Sensitive Information from sharing it through our Course. Beside that we are working hard to get to the perfectness of the Social Lifes of Indian Armed Forces. We respect the work our Parents did while serving the nation with their Lives on stake, We Respect the feelings of the Fellow citizen who are part of Indian Culture and its heritage, We Are Proud to be Indian so as to be a part of Indian Armed Forces. Jai Hind